Redemption Fee for Domain Names

If a domain name is not Renewed within the Renewal Grace Period, it would be queued for deletion at the end of the Renewal Grace Period and subsequently Deleted.

Once a domain name is Deleted, it would generally slip into the Redemption Grace Period only under the following circumstances:

  • Domain name was manually Deleted by requesting CloudHulk's Domain Name Support team.
  • Domain name was automatically Deleted by our System as the domain name had Expired and was not Renewed until the end of it's Renewal Grace Period.

Redeeming a domain name is costly, time consuming and generally a manual process. The Redemption Grace Period is mostly 30 days after the domain name is Deleted and during this period, only the current Registrar of the domain name can Redeem the domain name.

If the domain name is not Redeemed during this period, then it would move to the Pending Delete period for 5 days. In this status, the domain name can not be Redeemed and after this period, the domain name would be available for fresh Registration.

Note that different TLDs may have different Redemption Grace Period or none at all. Please contact our sales team if clarification is necessary.

To Restore any Domain Name in Redemption Grace Period (Pending Delete Restorable Status), please contact our Domain Name Support team for assistance.

Pricing for redemption of domain names in the Redemption Grace Period can be found below:

.com - $100
.net - $100
.org - $100
.biz - $125
.info - $125
.us - $100
.eu - $35
.sg - $320 - $320

In addition to the redemption fee above, you will need to pay the domain's regular renewal fee to reinstate your domain name.

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