How to register private nameservers for domains purchased from CloudHulk

To register private nameservers for domains purchased from CloudHulk, login to your client area and then follow this guide.

1. Locate the domain you wish to create the name servers for and click 'Private Nameservers' on the left side-menu under 'Manage'.

2. Enter the name for your nameserver in the 'Nameserver' field.

Note: These are usually ns1 or dns1

2. Enter the IP address associated with your nameserver in the 'IP Address' field.

3. Click 'Save Changes' after you have filled in both Nameserver and IP Address fields to create the new nameservers.

4. Repeat the instructions above to register subsequent nameservers (ns2, ns3 etc.).

Note: When creating private nameservers it may take up to 72 hours for these to propagate throughout the internet.

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